Bringing Superfast Broadband To Rural Scotland  

Our Rural Mobile Broadband

The Wifab Limited Mobile based Broadband system works by connecting to the mobile data networks run by O2, EE, Vodafone and Three.


These providers have created an amazing wireless network around the countryside producing excellent coverage of 3G and 4G. Overall It works out that the UK has around 90+ % it's landmass covered and this will only grow with time!


The Wifab system utilities this technology to bring super fast broadband connection to our rural customers.

How Our Superfast Broadband System Works

To obtain high speeds, a small antenna will be mounted on your property where the 3G, 4G or 5G signal strength is strongest. The antenna is then connected to our broadband router which supplies your WIFI connection.

Since we install a high gain antenna, it means we can capture a reliable connection in 99% of the properties we visit.

Wondering about latency? The great thing about mobile broadband is ultra low latency speeds, meaning you can game and stream online with no buffering.

Fast Broadband In 4 Easy Steps

Site Survey

We will send out an engineer to test the signals in your area

Survey Results

We will send you the survey results and a system install quote


A date for system installation will be arranged

Wifab SIM

Order your unlimited data SIM from Wifab

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Residential Install Price £


We charge 45 pence per mile from Tillybirloch Aberdeenshire to your property

Site Survey

Our Site Survey price is £50. If you decide to go ahead and choose us to be your network provider, we will deduct the survey price from the full system cost

System Price

Our standard system install price is £285. This includes full installation and setup. Any further equipment will be priced dependent on your requirements

Some Wifab Limited Installs