Midmar, Comers and Surrounding Area

Wifab Limited can equip every house in your area with SUPERFAST broadband, connected directly to the Midmar Fibre line. 

Around 6 months ago Openreach installed a fibre line running to Midmar. Subsequently every house in Midmar received Fibre optic broadband. Although this is brilliant for households located in the center of Midmar, the rest of the surrounding area is not included. 

Complaints from households in the surrounding vicinity have been conveyed yet nothing has been done.
Until now. 

Wifab has the ability to supply any house that doesn't receive fibre optic broadband with a minimum speed of 30Mbps, but we need your support to make it happen. 


With enough interest we will install a mast on the hill North of the Midmar hall with a Fibre connection directly from the exchange. This gives us the ability to create an air fibre network through the use of wireless communication equipment, meaning we can wirelessly supply every rural property with Fibre broadband speeds.

With 30 pre interests Wifab will invest in your area to create a new local network with endless speed and possibility, regardless of land topography and distances from exchanges. 

To register your interest please fill in the form below. This will give us a pre indication of how many households in the area are interested. Prices and contract costs will be determined and sent out for your viewing at a later date. Please note this signup is not contractual, it is just to give us an indication of potential customers.

You can find out more about how it works


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